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(Remember "star trek is fiction and there is no warp drive or warp factor. This calculator is like the "big bang theory", all science fiction.)Warp Factor Calculator is a Java Script calculator that computes speed as a function of " warp factor" in multiples of the speed of light. IGT Star Trek Slot Machine Review

Warp drive is the primary propulsive force behind most advanced space vessels, propelling them faster than the speed of light. The drive does this by generating warp ... Warp speed - Official Star Trek Online Wiki Warp speed is the term for traveling at faster-than-light velocity through a warp drive propulsion system. It is the principal mode of transport in Star Trek, being ... Star Trek: Discovery’s New Spore Drive vs Other Warp ... What is Star Trek: Discovery's new spore drive and is it connected to faster-than-warp tech we've seen before? Here's a look at all transwarp tech in Trek.

Jan 25, 2019 ... ... the writers to slot her into already-written plots after Sage's departure. ... in "Star Trek," where a civilization must have developed warp drive ...

What's the fastest ship in Star Fleet? : startrek - reddit What's the fastest ship in Star Fleet? ... Warp 9.95 engine seen in Star Trek Voyager Season 4 ... and the failure of the transWarp drive in star trek 3 is important ... Star Trek: Enterprise - Wikipedia Star Trek: Enterprise, titled simply Enterprise for its first two seasons, is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. It originally aired from September 26, 2001, to May 13, 2005, on UPN, spanning 98 episodes across four seasons. Enterprise is the sixth series in the Star Trek franchise.

What's faster: a warp drive from Star Trek, or a hyperdrive from Star Wars?

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13 science fiction authors on how Star Trek influenced their lives - The ... Sep 10, 2016 ... Star Trek has had an enormous influence on the world of science fiction ... it was pre-empted in that Friday 9PM time slot by a locally produced country ..... fiction story I ever tried to write contained a reference to warp drive. Star Trek Online Introduces The Renegade's Regret - TrueAchievements

Read about the Star Trek slot, see screenshots and find important game information about this IGT Slot Game. ... Scatter Symbol – USS Enterprise Warp Drive.

Star Trek Warp Drive - YouTube WOW. Thanks for the 100,000 views! Star Trek Warp Drive Star Trek Online Slot | 4 Unique Free Spins Bonuses Finally there is a Star Trek online slot ... is a free slots from the game ... one and it is partnered by the Warp Drive scatter which awards its own ... Warp drive - Wikipedia A warp drive is a fictitious superluminal spacecraft propulsion system in many science fiction works, most notably Star Trek and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. How Close Are We To Star Trek's Warp Drive? - YouTube

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