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Recent news articles on Rigzone about Schlumberger. Monday, March 19, 2018 The service companies that map underground pockets of oil, drill the wells and lift crude from miles below are generating ... Viraj Raut - Maintenance Supervisor - Expro | LinkedIn View Viraj Raut’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. ... Schlumberger August 2009 – ... Long Slot Debris Sub (LSDS) Operating & Assembly Instructions carefully screw the Pull Sleeve to the Coupler sub-assembly and lock with set screws. 7. Screw the Motor Housing-Skirt X/O onto the Skirt and install (2) thread locking set screws. The hole and slot in the X/O sub should be near the downhole end. 8. Slide one ball bearing on either end of the Drive Shaft. Slide the Jack Screw into the lower end (PDF) Completions Tubular Accessories - The DCIN-II comes with standard external slots for bypassing the down- hole cables. It has a working pressure of up to 103.42 MPa [15,000 psi] at temperatures of up to 177 degC [350 degF] and mandrels that incorporate the Schlumberger hydraulic dry-mate connector, an externally testable control line connection.

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Production Valve: - Long Slot Debris Sub. ... - December 2005, Testing Data Acquisition course ( Schlumberger European Learning Center ) Paris, France. J slot - Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary Most conventional downhole tools operate by upward or downward movement, rotation, or a combination of both. The J-slot profile creates the track for an actuating cam or pin that combines rotation and up or down movement to provide a simple yet reliable means of tool activation. Side-entry sub - Schlumberger Technology Corporation Likewise, upper threads 36 at the upper end 28 provide for connection of the upper part (not shown) of a drill string to the side-entry sub 10. A cable slot 12 and an upper sheave wheel 14 and a lower sheave wheel 16 provide friction minimizing entry of cable C to stripping element 40 as cable C runs into or out of the interior of lower pipe ... Schlumberger – OFS1 / New to Canada Payroll Employee Benefit ...

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Makita Compact Router Accessories - Top Picks - YouTube ↓↓↓↓ Are you looking for Makita compact router accessories? We spent hours to find out the best router accessories and made the best product guide for shoppers like you. Check out our list ... Ocean Store Plug-ins - New and Updated Q1 - 2019 - Schlumberger Ocean 2015 new website. The Ocean for Petrel Framework 2019 is now available on the Ocean Store.This release contains a variety of new features targeted to better our API offering and developer experience.

Schlumberger profit falls in first quarter as revenue tops estimates. French oil giant Schlumberger Ltd. said Thursday it had net income of $421 million, or 30 cents a share, in the first quarter ...

Coiled Tubing Solutions - Debris Catching In wellbore cleanout situations where suffi cient annular velocity cannot be obtained to carry debris out of the wellbore, foam systems or nitrifi ed fl uids can be used. A time- and cost-saving alternative is a debris catch-ing system, which is used to remove various types of high-density debris OFS1 Schlumberger, what should I expect? : oilandgasworkers The goal of this sub is to be an information exchange. From field work to horror stories to interview questions, anything goes. We all have strong opinions, so lets try to respect that and keep everything civil. Industry Links. For anyone who is new to the industry, or who may not have seen these links before.

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"Welcome to the Oilfield Glossary The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary provides definitions and illustrations of oilfield terminology for the technical generalist in a single, evergreen source. Schlumberger OMNI 3D и VISTA Компания «Шлюмберже» (Schlumberger) является ведущим мировым поставщиком технологий для комплексной оценки пласта, строительства скважин, управления добычей и переработки углеводородов Schlumberger isПозже Schlumberger объявила , что она приобрела GEDCO . Программное обеспечение Schlumberger ECLIPSE для... Программное обеспечение Schlumberger ECLIPSE для моделирования геологических пластов Schlumberger Information Solutions скачать бесплатно. Читать он-лайн. Программный комплекс моделирования Eclipse состоит из двух отдельных программ моделирования: ECLIPSE 100... Стоимости ПО т.к. Schlumberger Eclipse, Roxar Tempest Всем привет. Пишу диплом и для экономической части нужны расценки на Ecl,TempMore и др. ПО. Поделитесь актуальной информацией по данному вопросу! пожалуйста!