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Dec 14, 2014 · Now, of course DDR2 RAM doesn't physically fit into a DDR3 slot, but I was obviously a complete idiot and didn't notice that I tried to put DDR2 RAM into a DDR3 slot - and didn't realize the RAM wasn't seated properly (I know some people with find this quite amusing). Inserting DDR2 memory in DDR3? | Yahoo Answers

Inserting DDR2 memory in DDR3? | Yahoo Answers is it okay if i put a DDR2 memory in a DDR3 motherboard slot? because im planning to buy a new motherboard and a new ram can u plug ddr3 ram in a ddr2 ram slot on my otherboard? | Yahoo Answers i have ddr2 ram in my motherboard and i want to get 2gb ddr3 ram. can i plug a ddr3 ram stick in my ddr2 ram slot on my motherboard. Amazon.com: ddr3 in ddr2 slot Amazon.com: ddr3 in ddr2 slot. Skip to main content. ... (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-8500 Desktop Memory Modules (240-pin DIMM, 1066MHz) Genuine A-Tech Brand. 4.6 out of 5 stars 449. $51.99 $ 51. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 23. FREE ... 1333 mhz ddr3 sodimm - Newegg.com

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Can Ddr2 ram works in ddr3 ram slot DDR1 DDR2 DDR3 all have different slots. So as far as I think, It is going to work. Check it out and tell me..The slot itself is categorized as "DDR3" so it will fit. The speed of the RAM will only work if your motherboard supports that speed. What type of RAM can be used in the DIMM slots... -… For example, a motherboard designed for DDR2 won’t take DDR, DDR3, or DDR4. There are a few motherboards with two sets of memory sockets that can accept two different types of memory but not at the same time. Motherboards designed for full size DIMMs won’t accept SO-DIMMs and vice versa. DDR2 vs DDR3 Memory - Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

Ты можешь использовать только 1 тип памяти одновременно. Такчто у тебя выбора нет - только ддр3.

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Please contact your local dealer for the availability of this model in your region. ... Dual Channel DDR3/DDR2 memory technology ... 2 x DDR2 DIMM slots

So, DDR2 and DDR3 are two specific types of RAM. DDR stands for double data rate.The DDR quickly became the industry standard as it allowed the memory transfer data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal; basically, because it was twice as fast. Can You Use Ddr3 Memory In A Ddr2 Slot

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DDR2 e DDR3 sao slots iguais, ... não é igual camarada, não da pra por DDR3 em slot DDR2 nem vice-versa, ... http://www.anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.aspx?i=2989 .

Memory slots on system boards that support DDR3 are keyed to ONLY accept DDR3 modules. DDR2 will not fit into a DDR3 slot and DDR3 will not fit into a DDR2 slot. DDR2 will not fit into a DDR3 slot and DDR3 will not fit into a DDR2 slot. Difference Between DDR2 and DDR3 | Difference Between DDR2 vs DDR3. DDR3 is the memory that is expected to replace the current DDR2 memory modules that we are using today. Continuing with the trend that DDR2 started where the system bus runs twice as fast as the memory clock, with DDR3, the system bus runs four times faster compared to the memory bus. ddr2 1333 - Newegg.com To use DDR3 memory, your system must have both a 204-pin SODIMM slot and a chipset that supports DDR3 memory. A DDR3 SODIMM will not fit into DDR2 or DDR memory sockets. (Information about which memory technology your system uses is included in the Crucial Memory Advisor tool.) SODIMMs are smaller and thinner than regular DIMMs,... DIMM - Wikipedia