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7 Tips For Photographing Antelope Canyon. A ghostly figure in Upper Antelope Canyon. It’s hard not to picture the slot canyons of northern Arizona when thinking about the American Southwest; they are an absolute magical place and a visual playground for photographers. It’s also hard to know what to expect when photographing these canyons ... Antelope Canyon Photo Tips - Part 1 Scenics - Fototripper Antelope Canyon Photo Tips – Part 1 Scenics Page, Arizona is home to some of the most spectacular geological marvels you’ll ever see. Upper Antelope Canyon is possibly the most famous slot canyon on the planet, and with good reason.

After seeing some gorgeous photos of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, I knew it must be included on my photography bucket list. What I didn’t realize is that it’s also a very challenging place to photograph. I went to the slot canyon thinking that my research had fully prepared me to come away... Roadside Photographs - Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona |… No, these are easy access photographs which only require getting there, having the right equipment, and knowing how to use it.The lower canyon is a lovely slot with some great formations including Angel Arch and some great light beams in the summer months. Why Everyone Loves Slot Canyons | Fstoppers Slot canyons can be found all around the world. These narrow canyons can be made of sandstone, ice, granite, clay, or other naturally occurring materials.The time of the year plays a big part into how your pictures look. The sunlight comes in from different directions based on the time of year and time... Antelope Canyon Photo Tips - Part 1 Scenics -…

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Tips for Shooting in Slot Canyons | Photography Forums I'm making plans to visit some slot canyons in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I'm probably going to avoid Upper Antelope Canyon b/c of ... Photograph Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon Explore breathtaking slot canyons with wonderful lighting throughout the day. The tours are guided tours by local Navajo.

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Many slot canyons are formed in sandstone and limestone rock, although slot canyons in other rock types suchSo when I did a recent photography workshop outside of Page, Arizona to photograph Upper and LowerIt’s amazing how many colors you can find in a dry, seemingly lifeless desert. Photographing The Famous Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona. The canyon is actually divided into Upper Antelope Canyon and LowerLower Antelope Canyon is $20/person plus the permit fee. Warning to photographers: none of the tour companies allow tripods or monopods on the...

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In this VLOG you will get a behind the scene look at how they get those sun beams in slot canyons. How does Peter Lik get those amazing shots with the sun beams bursting though the canyon? On the ... How to Photograph Box Canyons of the Southwest – Improve ... The best time of day to photograph box canyons is mid or late morning and late afternoon. This will change based upon orientation of canyons but that is the general rule of thumb. I find 5PM to be my favorite time to photograph canyons in the summer. Southwest and Slot Canyons! - McKay Photography Academy ... EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Slot Canyons! This is truly something you will not be able to do on your own and alone is worth the tour! We have gained EXCLUSIVE access and time to photograph in slot canyons on private Navajo land! It is important to understand how unique and exclusive this is.

PhotoTripUSA Publishing - Services To give a few specific examples, we discuss how to use reflected light, how to photograph slot canyons, sand dunes, water reflections, photographing on river trips, maximizing depth-of-field, film vs.